Digital Marketing for Contractors and Service Businesses

Simple Local Digital Marketing Strategies

How much of your business is made up from referrals and word of mouth? Do you worry that this source of clients will one day run dry? 

With some simple digital marketing strategies you can build a long-term asset that helps convert strangers into clients. We started M4 to offer proven solutions for digital marketing to contractors and service businesses.

Is Your Competition Outshining You?

As you drive through town, have you started noticing an increasing number of vehicles with logos similar to yours? Do you ever catch yourself wondering if these competitors are snagging more calls and clients than you are? In today’s bustling marketplace, the challenge isn’t just doing good work – it’s getting noticed. With businesses vying for attention, how can potential customers discern you from the rest?

If these thoughts are becoming familiar, it’s time to take a closer look at your marketing strategy. Let’s work together to make sure that every time you see a competitor, it’s a reminder that you’re a step ahead.

Proven strategies to help your business grow

We focus on what works. We don’t want to waste your marketing budget with experimental or unproven tactics. A good marketing strategy starts with a checklist of fundamental and simple items. Let us make sure you are setup for marketing success.

What We Do

Simplify Marketing

It is easy to overthink your marketing efforts. If you Google looking for Marketing tips, there are 1,000s of articles with different suggestions. We simplify down to the proven basics.

Help You Get Found

95% of consumers search Google for local services. We help you show up in these searches above your competition.

Make a Good Impression

Turn your web traffic into phone calls, emails and qualified leads. Impress your customers with a strong Google Business Profile and Website.

Nurture Leads into Customers

Our solutions help you log leads, keep them engaged, and encourage them through the sales pipeline. Automations  make this process seamless.

Explore a better way to grow

Who We Work With

Our primary focus lies on service-based companies operating within a local service area, striving to outshine their rivals. The foundation of Marketing4 is rooted in our background in the construction and local contractor sector. We embarked on creating Marketing4 in response to the evident demand for marketing agencies that truly comprehend the intricacies of local contractors’ business landscape.

Unlike agencies serving ecommerce, retail, or brick-and-mortar setups, our specialization brings a distinctive client relationship dynamic – one that acknowledges the unique significance of engaging clients on their own turf.

Contractor Companies

Marketing for Contractor Companies

Landscaping Companies

Marketing for Landscaping Companies

Moving Companies

Marketing for Moving Companies

Electrical Companies

Marketing for Electrical Companies

Water Haulage Companies

Marketing for Water Haulage Companies

M4 Process


Connect With Us

Connect with us. 


We Learn about you and your business

We will learn more about you and your business to determine an effective marketing strategy that aligns with your goals and budget. 


Build Long-Term Results

Implement the plan and start building a long term asset from your marketing that consistently brings in leads.

Cool Digital Solutions

Automate sales, marketing and operational tasks with our intuitive automation platform. Get back some of your time with automations.

Efficiently managing customer contact information and relationships is essential for small businesses. A CRM (Client Relationship Manager) is your central portal for your contact details and interactions.

Get a business phone number and stop using your personal cell number. IVR lets you set up a phone menu so callers can “press 1” or “press 2” to interactively route themselves to the appropriate option.

Are you missing phone calls because you are too busy throughout the day? Enable Automated Text Responses. Keep callers engaged even if you missed the call and win more business.

Upload a list of past customers, and our automation will continually reach out gently requesting them for a positive review on Google. 

Post to all of your social media accounts from one place. Schedule posts, respond to DM’s and monitor engagement. 

Define the steps in your sales process and keep opportunities organized with pipelines. 

Elements of a Simple Marketing Strategy

We use a variety of traditional marketing services and tactics that we know WORK for local service area businesses. We select the best combination of the services below to achieve your goals.

Be Found

Ensure your business is easily discoverable when potential customers search for the services you offer. Focus on improving your search engine visibility, appearing at the top of search results, and understanding what your target customers search for.

Make a Good Impression

Now that a potential customer has found your business, create a positive and compelling impression. Showcase your expertise, gather and highlight customer reviews, display project profiles, provide detailed information about your business, and use high-quality images to showcase your work.

Enable easy engagement

Make it effortless for potential customers to engage with your business. Offer convenient ways to reach out, such as contact forms, phone calls, and clear calls-to-action. Provide lead magnets or incentives to encourage interaction and capture valuable contact information.Also, be sure to answer the phone or respond promptly your potential customers when they do reach out. If you don’t respond, they have moved onto the next company.

Don't forget who they are

After engaging with potential customers, it’s crucial to remember who they are, what they do, and what they are looking for. Utilize a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to log and organize leads, ensuring you have the necessary information for personalized follow-up.

Nurture them through the funnel

Once a lead is logged and engaged, focus on nurturing them into becoming satisfied customers. Keep them interested and engaged with regular blog updates, stay organized by using pipelines and opportunities to track progress, and employ drip campaigns to stay connected if they’re not ready to purchase immediately.

Encourage reviews and referrals

After successfully serving customers, ask them to leave a review to strengthen your online reputation. Continuously nurture the relationship with satisfied customers to encourage referrals and repeat business, as they can become valuable brand advocates.

Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control

To achieve marketing success, it is vital to measure, analyze, improve, and control your strategy. Collecting data and user feedback play a crucial role in this process. By tracking key metrics and gathering insights from customers, you can make informed decisions, optimize your approach, and drive business growth effectively.

The Beginning of Marketing4

I started Marketing4 out of a desire to help other business owners grow. Almost every business now requires a digital element. From marketing to accounting, businesses have gone digital, even for the one-truck solopreneurs. However, where do you start and when do you need what? There are so many platforms and software solutions, each of which claims to be the ‘industry standard.’

I began my career as a structural engineer. However, what they don’t tell you about engineering is that it can actually be quite boring. So, after almost 10 years engineering work, I moved into Business Development within the construction industry. This is where I discovered that I could combine my knowledge of construction with my desire for building relationships. I worked for several years as the Vice President of Business Development for a general contractor. I was responsible for Sales, Marketing, Estimating, and IT. Throughout my conversations, I noticed the gaps in the digital adoption of many contractor businesses.

That’s when I decided to start a company to help business owners do more of what they love. Now owners can leverage a trusted resource for managing the administrative elements of running a business.

Marketing4 is just the start.  Infinite Leverage is the vision.

Jeremiah Vanderlaan

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